Spotify Web Player Official

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Spotify is one of the best and most popular music streaming services, if not the best. But if you ask anyone about the best streaming service, the answer would mostly be Spotify. It allows you to listen to all the music in the world from a humongous library. Here in this post, we will see how to use the Spotify Web Player.

Most people use Spotify to listen to songs on their smartphones or computers. If you are using it on a PC, then you are effectively using the Web Player that we are going to talk about. The web player is simply the official website that you access on your browser.

In this post, we will see how to use the Spotify Web Player Official on your PC.

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Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player

Normally, people use the streaming service on their smartphones. But you can also listen to songs on Spotify on your PC. All you have to do is go to the web portal and log in using your login details. Note that you must have an account before you use the Web Player. But if you don’t you can simply sign up for one.

  • Go to the official web portal from here.
  • Click on Login and enter your Login Details.
  • Click on the Login Button to log into your account.
  • Once you Log in, you will be able to use all the services just as you would on the app.
  • This means that you are effectively using the Web Player.

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The process is pretty simple if you look at it. This is certainly really helpful if you would rather use Spotify on a smartphone. There is also a different way in which you can use the Web Player on a PC which we will see in the next section.

Spotify Web Player on Chrome

Spotify Web Player on Chrome

If you have an account on Spotify, then it will be a lot easier for you to get through this process and enjoy. If you want to know how to make an account, then go check out our other articles on this website. The registration process is quite simple and straightforward.

  • You are going to need the Chrome Browser if you are going to complete this process.
  • If you don’t have it installed on your PC, then this might be a good time to do so.
  • Get the official Chrome browser from here.
  • Once you have installed the browser, open it.
  • Enter this URL into the address bar and hit Enter:
  • Upon reaching the webpage, log in.

This will allow you to use the Web Player and you will be able to listen to all your favorite songs as much as you’d like.

This ends our article on Spotify Web Player. I am sure that by now, you have understood all the aspects of the web player and how to use it on your PC. You will get the same features as the app and it is nearly identical. For any further queries, reach out to us at  SpotifyLogin.